Founded in 1980 by Sister Amirthabai Sanyasini, a full-time servant of God.  She received the call of God to bring in, care for and educate the children of the homeless, orphans and those whose parents had been tragically killed.


In spite of losing their parents, hundreds of children had been given the opportunity and joy of growing up with their own siblings in a Christian environment and so growing spiritually, emotionally and physically.


From the start, Sister Sanyasini had prepared them to face society as educated young adults.

Bethel's Involvement

Since 1990 Bethel Ministries has provided monthly support to the orphanage.  Our support has helped in building, feeding and educating the children.

Most recently Sister Amirthabai Sanyasini’s health has been failing.  She has communicated to me her request that Bethel, as her and the orphanage’s spiritual covering, become more involved in the support and administration so as to insure the orphanage will continue to function and meet the goals of its glorious mission, in the event the Lord calls her home.

This will require Bethel to provide hundreds and even thousands of dollars in additional monthly support.  We have willingly accepted this responsibility.  Your timely help toward this mission will be highly appreciated by me and I am sure, by God.



For $25.00 a month, make a difference in the life
of an Orphan.

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